info New gig booked at Brother Tuck 2015-02-21! Fainted, Hekatomb, and Eye of Ra will be performing!

Friday 15-02-06 15:20 by Daniel

New gig booked at Brother Tuck Saturday 21/2 2015! Fainted, Hekatomb, and Eye of Ra will be performing at Brother Tuck, Götgatan 85, T-Skanstull.
20.00 - 01.00
60:- Entrence
First act starts at 20.00


info FAINTED's new EP Live At Brother Tuck are now available at Spotify!

Thursday 14-06-12 23:38 by Daniel

FAINTED's new EP Live At Brother Tuck are now available at Spotify! Check it out and tell us what you think!


info New gig booked at Copperfields Pub 2013-12-14!

Monday 13-11-13 21:20 by Daniel

New gig booked at Copperfields pub Stockholm! Sankt Eriksgatan 34-36, 112 34 Stockholm, Sweden
FREE entrance!
First act starts at 22.00
More info coming sooon! Would be awesome to see everyone there!

info Gig at Klubb Dislocated, Broder Tuck, 2013-09-27

Monday 13-09-24 19:36 by Daniel

It's closing in! On Friday we have our next gig at Broder Tuck, don't miss it! Two other bands are also confirmed for the show, Salience and Terminus!
We will start playing at 21.30 At Götgatan 85, Södermalm, Stockholm
Ticket price 80:- if you buy ticket in advance, see attached link or 100:- at the door

Buy Tickets!


info New gig confirmed at Klubb Dislocated, Broder Tuck, 2013-09-27!!!

Monday 13-09-02 21:20 by Daniel

We have a new gig confirmed at Klubb Dislocated, Broder Tuck!!! We will do eveything we can to give you a hell of a show! Bring you friends and we'll see you guys there!
First band will start at 21.30 At Götgatan 85, Södermalm, Stockholm
Ticket price 80:- if you buy ticket in advance, see attached link or 100:- at the door

Buy Tickets!

info New Video Recorded...

Thuesday 13-05-28 21:35 by Daniel

The new video for "Descending" is recorded and soon the editing process will begin, stay tune for the final release of the video and go to facebook for some photos from the shoot! Our Facebook...!

info Planning for new video

Sunday 13-05-04 18:41 by Daniel

Fainted is planning for a new video! It will be one of the songs from the Descending EP, stay tuned and check it out later this summer

infoVisit our new page on Facebook and Like us

Saturday 2012-10-20 18:00

Finally Fainted has joined Facebook. Like us and get continuous updates and more!


infoFainted - Now availible on Spotify and iTunes!

Saturday 2012-09-29 00:00

Fainted's new EP now available on Spotify and iTunes!

spotify itunes


Saturday 2012-08-25 00:00

FUCK YEAH! New EP released featuring 5 brand new Fainted songs and a cover in Fainted shape! Go to our downloads section and download the songs! Download the songs


info New guitar hero! Lasse Pettersson!

Friday 2012-07-06 by Daniel

It's official Lasse Pettersson has joined Fainted! Band leader Jocke Melin says that "Lasse is the most skilled and techical rhythm guitar player that has ever played in Fainted" Lasse goes all in and with his brilliant skills, vigour and stunning stage perfermance Lasse will be a huge access to Fainted! Lasse has earlier been playing in a cover band but is now thrilled to join Fainted is such exciting times for the the band with their upcoming release of their new demo! And for the ladies; Pictures will be posted soooon!

info Update Demo

Friday 2012-07-06 by Daniel

The finishing touches of the mixing are taking place and soon the mastering process will begin. The prestigious task of mastering will probably go to the world claim studio Cutting Room Studios!

infoNew photos from Demo *Update*

Thuesday 12-02-07 20:43 by Daniel

More new photos from demo!

Demo 2011/2012

info New member in the Fainted family!

Wednesday 2012-01-31 by Daniel

Jocke and his fiancee Lisa has become parents of a beautiful daughter they've named Lily. Reliable sources claim that she's already a huge fan of metal and can shout like Eric Adams!

info So far so gooood!

Thuesday 12-01-17 24:42 by Daniel

Jocke is now finished with all the guitar parts of our new demo. Sound is heavy and will be even better through final mixing and mastering. Next up is Johan on the bass and after that Jocke will do the vocals like he has never done something else then sing!

info New Demo On The Way!

Wednesday 11-12-21 09:17 by Daniel

Last weekend we started the recording of our new demo which will be featuring 5 brand new original songs by Fainted! So far the drums have been recorded and soon the massive wall of guitars will be recorded! Pictures and updates are coming!

info Still no new band member...But at least a new tattoo!

Thuesday 11-06-05 10:54 by Daniel

So now it's summer and the search of a new guitar player goes on. We have had a few leads but nothing that gave us what we wanted. We are currently writing some new songs and are planning for our next demo. And of course Mr Melin has a new tattoo, check it out!

info Fainted in search of new guitar player!

Thuesday 10-09-28 10:22 by Daniel

New guitar player wanted. Orkar inte skriva på engelska så får bli svenska... Vi söker dig som är en duktig gitarrist och har spelat mycket. Du har bra teknik och gillar att ge allt på scen.

info Frej Marsh leaves Fainted

Thuesday 10-08-01 10:10 by Daniel

Guitar player Frej Marsh is leaving Fainted. He will be touring the world the coming year in search of spirtual enlightment.

infoNew photos from rehersal!

Saturday 10-04-10 20.06

New photos from rehersal by Hanna Grahn Täuber!

Repa 2010

infoNEW GIG! Wednesday the 11th of november at a GRAND UPPSALA

Friday 09-10-23 21:45

Wednesday the 11th of november we have a new gig booked at Grand Uppsala. Free entrance first act at 19.00 Be there or be square..! GRAND Uppsala Website

infoNew photos from garage recording!!!

Sunday 09-03-01 14.03

New photos from garage recording check them out.

Garage 2009-02-24

infoNew Garage Songs!

Thuesday 09-02-24 12:45

New garage songs are recorded. Listen and fell write a comment in our guestbook. Download the songs


infoLong time no see! Writing, demo and summer gigs...???

Thuesday 09-02-10 10:45

Under late fall and winter we have wrote a few new songs and hopefully we will have a new demo ready sometime this summer. We have already recorded a garage version of some of the songs. We will give you a sample of that on our website. Stay tuned for updates in our Download section. For the moment we have no gigs planned for the summer but we will look in to that very soon. Write a line in the guestbook if you want us to play at your festival, pub or whatever you like

infoNEW GIG!!! Saturday the 23 of august

Thursday 08-08-21 15:45

Saturday the 23 of august the Rock Out festival takes places in Uppsala. After the festival the music will continue at with Rock Out Metal at Grand Uppsala. First performance at 21.00 and Fainted around 22.00. 40kr entrance. GRAND Uppsala Website Rock Out

infoGIG Cancelled! Friday August the 1th at GRAND UPPSALA

Friday 08-07-13 15:45

Gig cancelled due to short on staff at Grand GRAND Uppsala Website

infoNew gig! Friday August the 1th at GRAND UPPSALA

Friday 08-06-13 15:45

Friday the first of august we have a new gig booked at Grand Uppsala. More info soon... GRAND Uppsala Website

infoListen to Fainted at local radio station SR P4

Friday 08-05-30 15:45

Fainted will be interviewed at local radio station SR P4 2008-05-30 at 15.45 and they also gonna play our song Save Us All.

info Fainted at WWW.LAST.FM

Wednesday 08-04-23 13:22 by Daniel

Now you can listen at Fainted at the popular website for online listening and also download the song for free of course!!! LAST FM

info UPDATE...Gig 15 February at GRAND UPPSALA

Thursday 08-01-31 22:22 by Daniel

February the 15 we have a new gig booked at GRAND Uppsala. Sarato, a death metal band from Uppsala and Mass of the sun who plays psychedelic rock will also perform. First act at 19.30 Be there at 19.15. 40 kroner entrance. All ages are welcome and dont drink before, they test that... GRAND Uppsala Website

info ANOTHER NEW GIG CONFIRMED!!!!! The 14th December

Sunday 07-12-08 22:22 by Daniel

Friday night the 14th december at Lötenkyrkan nearby Heidenstams Torg we will have our next gig. It's the hardrock night "Lucia Rocken" that take place and we will be one of many bands that night. We will perfom at around 21.30. The gig is free. BE THERE!

info New gig confirmed - The 15 February at GRAND Uppsala

Wednesday 07-11-07 19.35 by Daniel

February the 15 we have a new gig booked at GRAND Uppsala. Two more bands will also be playing. First act at 19.30 Be thera at 19.00. 40 kroner entrance. GRAND Uppsala Website

info Band member quits!

Thuesday 07-11-06 23.00 by Daniel

Our band member Markus Johansson has decided to leave the band. Markus says it's bacause he has not the passion for Fainted to continue. Fainted wishes Markus all the best in the future and there is no hard feelings from us. Who know maybe Markus will do an guest aperance in fainted in the future with our belowed song " Markus ösarlåt" =)

info Preliminary date for new gig

Sunday 07-11-04 23.00 by Daniel

February the 15 we have a new gig preliminary booked at GRAND Uppsala. More details will come


Monday 07-07-24 12.00 by Daniel

Finally our new demo is out! All together it took us about 4 months to finish it. Go to the download section to get the songs for free.


info All recordings are done!

Monday 07-06-04 23.00 by Daniel

All Instruments are now ready! But final mixing is still left. Realese date will probably this month. This demo will be some good shit! ROCK ON!!!

info Update Demo!

Saturday 07-04-07 12.00 by Daniel

Drums and bass are ready! Guitar and song is still not yet done but we make steady progress and I can say now already that this demo will be better than the last!

info New Demo!!!!!!!

Monday 07-03-26 09:46 by Daniel

Yesterday the recording of our new demo was started. It will be 4 new songs and the name of the demo is not set yet. Realease date it yet unknown. But it will be realesad at our homesite as soon as possible, and of course you'll be able to download it for free! Cheers mates

info On the radio!

Thuesday 06-12-12 12:18 by Daniel

Go to WWW.EURADIO.SE and download screensavers for your mobile and of course listen to us on the radio!

info Writing and planing

Thursday 06-09-21 12:18 by Daniel

We have wrote a few new song under the late summer and now we are planing for our next demo. Realease date is not set. We have no planned gigs for the moment but we are in the process of boking some!

info New pics

Friday 06-09-01 12:18 by Webmaster

New pics is up, check them out!

info Date for gig confirmed! 26th May at GRAND Uppsala

Wednesday 06-05-03 11:49 by Webmaster

The date is confirmed on our next gig, it's at the 26th of may, at Grand, Uppsala. Be there!

info New gig confirmed! Saturday 20th May in Fagersta.

Friday 06-05-19 12:18 by Webmaster

At saturday, 06-05-20, we will have a gig in Fagersta.

info Upcoming gig at Grand, Uppsala.

Thursday 06-04-20 22:45 by Webmaster

A new gig is planned at Grand in Uppsala, the date is not yet confirmed. Update is coming.

info Up on the real server!

Sunday 06-03-19 19:10 by Webmaster

Finally the page is running on, feels so good!

info New demo released!

Monday 06-03-06 14:33 by Webmaster

Our new demo "Out of our senses" is out now! Check the download page. Contact us if you are interested in a copy.

info New pictures is up!

Saturday 06-02-18 18:28 by Webmaster

New pictures from our latest gig at "Reginateatern" in Uppsala is up, check 'em out!

info Biography is up!

Tuesday 06-02-14 01:37 by Webmaster

Biography page is updated. Now can you actually read about the origin of the band! Check it out!

info We have a guestbook!

Tuesday 06-02-10 16:22 by Webmaster

Cry out about the bad weather, plea for less homework, whatever; but you have to post a comment!